Industry Leader Evox Images Keeps Close Eye On Advancing Automotive Technology

evox imagesWe live in exciting times and it’s hard to argue otherwise. Advances in technology have truly changed the way we go about daily tasks – from ordering food online to staying in touch via smartphones. Driving is no exception and the technology that’s under the hood, dashboard or center consoles of our vehicles is similarly changing the game, as well. From the recent roll out of brake-assist technology to the not-so-far-off self-driving vehicles, there are very few things standing in the way of such monumental gains. While so-called “shade tree mechanics” may bemoan the death of automobiles that could previously be maintained and improved upon in the driveway, it’s nearly impossible to stem the tide in progress these days. The dedicated crew of Evox Images, which has been documenting brand-new vehicles for more than two decades now, is constantly exposed to the latest bells and whistles. That’s why we’re taking time out to explore what this company’s dedicated photographers, videographers and other graphic designers could soon be snapping shots of.

According to a recent article from Men’s Journal, there was no shortage of jaw-dropping tech at the recent Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. First and foremost, BMW is reportedly eyeing a hologram-based heads-up display that will also be hands-free. With a control pad that “floats” when triggered, a driver would need to only make hand gestures to adjust controls within the vehicle. Ford has its eyes on a “fully autonomous” vehicle come 2021. The article notes that new hardware and other electrical components that are currently being developed could make this moonshot come true. An interesting development from Nissan could be the implication of the Cortana artificial intelligence system into windshields so motorists can make dinner reservations or see a map in front of them. Evox Images will closely follow these developments and more as it continues to add vehicles to the 11,500-strong ranks of vehicles it has already captured.

It’s this honest interest in all things automotive that has made Evox Images such a trusted resource and respected company. In fact, it works with several major U.S. auto makers, some 22,000 dealerships, 17 original equipment manufacturers and more than 500 newspapers for advertising purposes. As the aforementioned technological advancements are made, Evox is doing its own due diligence by further putting virtual reality mapping of vehicles to use. This content, when used by a dealer or manufacturer on a website, puts consumers in the driver’s seat without ever leaving home. It all adds up to a shopping, driving and interaction experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen.